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Julie Kay-Wallace is a freelance editor with experience with all kinds of projects. Her projects have included graphic novels, YA literature, literary and genre fiction, as well as non-fiction. A person who truly likes language and words in all forms, the intricacies of reading, writing, and crafting a good piece of writing are Julie’s passion. There is absolutely nothing she likes more than taking a piece of writing and helping it shine.

Having worked inside the publishing industry with agents and publishers for several years, Julie has developed a patient efficiency in her editing. She can do quality work quickly — and, more importantly, with clarity. She particularly enjoys answering questions and explaining why she’s suggesting certain edits. Julie also loves helping her clients bounce ideas for revisions or restructuring. Clarity is important, especially in the editing stages. The work is yours, not hers, and there is a lot of room for compromise, revision, and reconsideration in any editing process.

If you’re looking for an editor that will really understand your perspective as well as your reader’s, Julie is the right editor for you. She can help you bridge the gap between audience and creator. Sometimes you’ll have a story with a bump in it or a concept that isn’t quite coming across in the writing — Julie can help with that. Smoothing out plot lines, developing characters, and interpreting concepts are all things she does on a regular basis.

Whether you’re a new author or an established one, traditionally published or self-published, on your first draft or draft seventeen, Julie would be glad to help you get the most out of your manuscript. Check out her available services or get in touch! She’d love to hear from you.


Julie is a registered member of both Editors Canada and the Editorial Freelancers Association. She is committed to the highest editing standards and routinely maintains her training.

An Editors/Réviseurs Canada Member
An Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) Member